Getting to Kilburn

The summer school is taking place in the Kilburn building. This page describes how to get there from the student accommodation.

Kilburn Building
Oxford Road
Manchester, UK
M13 9PL

The below directions are also available as a PDF file.

Once you get to the Kilburn building make your way to the first floor (follow directions to 1.1). From the main entrance just go up the stairs in front of you.

From Canterbury Court to Kilburn building by bus

To get to the Kilburn building my bus first walk toward to Anson Road and turn right. Walk straight to St.Ansel Hall (Stop B) and wait for either bus 50 or 130. See here for the bus 50 timetable and bus 130 timetable.

Get off of the bus at Brunswick Street. Walk straight with north-east direction until reach Alan Turing building. Turn left and walk straight to Kilburn building.

From Kilburn building to Canterbury Court by bus.

Walk toward to Upper Brook street and carefully cross the street. Walk to the Brunswick St stop. Wait here for bus 50. Bus 50 timetable.

Get off of the bus at Denison Road stop. Walk south-east around 40 meters until you find Kent Road East. Walk on Kent Road East around 70 meters at this point you will reach the entrance of Canterbury Court.